Monday, July 19, 2010

Prima Exotic Gardenia

I am sooo sorry for promising a tutorial and taking so long to get it uploaded!  In my defense, I have been trying for the past week to get this video uploaded.  I had 3 unsuccessful attempts on blogger and 2 on youtube (I was starting to feel they had a vendetta against me! LOL).  Finally, today, I was able to upload my video while I was at work!

I have another I need to get pics or video of then upload it.  I hope this video turns out good, I took it with my camera rather than my video camera. I hope my voice doesn't sound too bad either...I hate the sound of it on camera.  You will hear my little boy towards the end...sorry about that...but well...that's what happens when you have a 2 yr old at home.  Any constructive criticism you'd like to offer for my next video, please do so!

So here is the link for the youtube video. Exotic Gardenia

Here are the typed out instructions also.
This flower mimics the Prima Exotic Gardenia.
Flowers are 6 petal, one in each of the following sizes 2 1/2", 2 1/4", 2", 1 3/4", 1 1/2"

1.  Ink all the edges of the flowers.  Snip between the petals towards the center on all the flowers, except the 1 1/2".  On that one, you will cut a circle out of the center.

2. 2 1/2" - Bend the petals up creating a base for the flower and some dimension, then roll the edges back on each petal.  I like to roll one side, then roll the other, grabbing part of the first rolled side to create more character to the flower.  You should be able to see this in the video.

3.  2 1/4" - Bend the petals up, then cut or fold each petal inward.  Then roll the sides back.  This creates a wave within the petal.

4.  2" - Take tweezers, grab hold of the left hand side of the petal and twist it around to create a fold in the petal.  Then, roll the right edge of the petal backwards.

5.  1 3/4" - Roll the petals forward on each petal.  I roll each petal differently, b/c like Prima, its never uniform!  So, roll one petal forward, roll another petal from the right, the next petal from the left, then repeat for the last 3 petals.

6. 1 1/2" - Spritz the first three petals with water very lightly.  Use a small paintbrush or something round and using a mousepad, crinkle those three petals into a cupped shape, then heat and dry allowing them to draw up more.  Then roll it into a bud having the 3 cupped petals in the center and the 3 straight petals around the outside.  Glue the end of the layer to the bud and let dry.  Once dry, you will roll the 3 straight petals on the outside backwards.

7.  Layer and glue with the largest flower on bottom, of course.  Alternate the petals as you go.

8. You can spritz with glimmer mist or just leave as they are.

As always, you can find flowers like this already made and for sale in my Etsy shop!  Thanks for looking!


Karen said...

Stephanie, your blog is wonderful and it is so generous of you to share your creativity with us! The flowers are so pretty and I will definitely try to make some.

Amanda Valentin said...

These are gorgeous Stephanie!!!

BeeBeebabs said...

Very pretty you did a nice job!!!