Monday, April 22, 2013

Prickly Rose Tutorial

Today, I'm going to share with you a tutorial for my Prickly Rose.  I created this flower

for the Tim Holtz Tattered Floral Challenge.  I was disappointed, as I'm sure were many others, to not have won, but at least I got to challenge myself to create a new flower, which I always love doing.

Supplies Needed:
* Tim Holtz Tattered Floral Die - 2 spindly  layers, 3 med layers, 1 small layer
* Scissors, Tweezers
* glue
* embossing pad
* embossing stylus
* skewer

There are many items that can be used to supplement what you may not own.  You can use the backside of a mousepad for an embossing pad. You can use the end of a paintbrush for embossing tools.  I use a skewe to roll petals, but you can also use a paintbrush or any other small round tool to do this. 

Take the two spindly layers. Stick your tweezers on the end of a petal, twist the petal and then pinch your finger on the twist to make sure it stays in place while you pull out the tweezers. Repeat this on every petal.
Turn each one over on your embossing pad. Using an embossing stylus, press the base of each petal to cause the petals to curl under.  Then, flip your flower over and press in the middle section to draw the petals up.  Do this on each of the spindly layers.
Take your 3 medium layers, cut a little bit between each petal.  Using your skewer, roll each petal back at a slight angle.

Place each of these layers on your embossing pad and using your stylus press down in the center of the layer in a circular motion to draw the petals up.  One side (the higher angle) will overlap the next petal (the lower angle).

Place your smallest layer on an embossing pad, using the stylus, beging to rub the inside of each petal starting at the edges and rubbing into the center and then down to the base to get the petals to curl up and inward.

 Place some glue on the inside of each of the petals. Carefull begin to "roll" your bud. It creates a nicer bud if you make sure one edge of each petal overlaps the edge of the next petal.   Roll your bud and hold it in place until the glue dries to keep the shape.
Glue your spindly layers together offsetting the petals.  Then glue the 3 medium layers together offsetting the petals. 

Assemble your flower by gluing the bud into the medium layers, then glue the medium layers onto the spindly layers.

You can add some diamond dust or stickles to the spindly layers as I did in my first picture in the post.  I think the plain is a great flower for a boys page, but making it sparkle with diamond dust makes it a perfect accent on a girly page.
I generally try to stay clear of any other flower making tutorials, because I don't want to subconsciously copy someone else's design.  If you think this flower or any other flower I create resembles one from someone else, please leave me a comment or contact me through email to let me know who and what.  I will check their tutorial and contact them about this.  I do not want to infringe on anyone else's designs and I will pull my tutorial if this happens!

Thanks so much for visiting my blog.  Please stay tuned for more flower tutorials coming soon.
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