Monday, September 13, 2010

Twisted Tattered Florals Tutorial

OK, as seen on my "Be True" layout, here is the first of three flowers that I made.

I used the Tim Holtz Tattered Florals die and cut out 2 of each of the flowers.  If the paper is not double sided, then you will want to ink the backside.  You can also ink the edges for added dimension.

Snip a little (maybe 1/4") between the petals of the 2nd to smallest flower layer.

1.  Spritz lightly both sides and crumble.  You can use water or glimmer mist, whichever you prefer.

2.  Gently undo the flowers

3.  Using Tweezers, put them on the tip of the petal slightly off center to the right, then twist completely around in a circle. Pinch to hold the shape and pull out the tweezers.

4.  On the 2nd of the large spindly flowers and the 2nd of the med. 5 petal flowers, when you twist the petals, you will also push in towards the center, so that they will be slightly smaller than the 1st of each.

5.  On the 2nd of the smallest flowers, when twisting, you will bring each petal up to a 90 degree angle, then twist and push down into the center of the flower.  Once all the petals have been done like this, you will have a bud for the center of the flower (see picture below.)

These are what they should all look like after crumbling and twisting each flower layer.  As you can see, the light pink layers in the middle are slightly smaller in size than the dark pink ones.  This is so you have all the spaces in the flower filled out.

6.  Now, layer and glue the flowers alternating the petals as you go.  Make sure that the ones where you pushed the petals in go on top of the matching flower that you just twisted.  (the light pink ones will always go after the dark pink ones in this picture).

Here is what the flower should look like after you have glued it.  My 12 year old daughter did the bottom pink and green flower, so they really are not hard to do at all. 


JadeCook said...

i love those flowers. they look like tissue

Frndly1 said...

love this technique. Very pretty flower.

Natasha said...

These are so beautiful Stephanie! I have to give them a try! TFS! Great tut!

Pammymac said...

Love your technique for the flowers. I will keep it in mind for future creation.
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Best of luck in the Tim Holtz Tattered Florals challenge.