Monday, November 8, 2010

Glittered Peony Flower Tutorial

Good morning!  It's Monday again...the weekend always flies by sooo fast, but I did manage to finish a LO and a tutorial over the weekend.  I was inspired to try and create a flower to match the Prima Guava Peony.  Using what supplies that I had, this is the closest I could get, but I loved the finish product, so I'll stick with it!!

Supplies: Sizzix Bigz Die Flower Layers 3, mousepad, glue, 8 petal punch, scissors, scalloped circles, and embossing tools, flower center (pearl).  I love these embossing tools, they are double-ended with 6 different sizes and a cushioned finger grip.  I got mine at The artist club, which was the cheapest price I could find.  I highly recommend getting a set, if you love to make your own flowers.  They are wonderful in so many ways!

To make the flowers, you will need staggering sizes of layers.  For mine, I used 2 of the largest flower on the Bigz die, 1 med and 1 small flower also from the Bigz die.  I used a 2" and 1 1/2" scalloped circle, and 4 1" 8 petal daisies.

 Using your mousepad and the medium sized embossing tool, gently shape each petal of each layer.  Start at the tips and in a circular motion, work your way to the base of each petal.  On the smaller petals, just run the embosser down the center of each petal.  Make sure to cut between the scallops on the scallop circles to make those into flower layers. 

Once you have shaped each petal, then run your embosser around the middle of the flower layer to draw all the petals up slightly.

Here is what the layers will look like when finished.  On the 4 1", you will curl bring the petals up tighter on each one.
 Then, start layering and gluing your flowers, staggering the petals as you go.  Put your medium sized pearl in the smallest flower.
 After it is glue together, I put the flower in the palm of my hand, then gently cup and smoosh the petals together to make it all tighter.  Rotate the flower and continue to cup and smoosh the petals all around.  When finished, I fluff the petals and on the very bottom layer, slightly pull them down.
 Add a bit of glue to the tips of the inside petals and add some glitter or diamond dust.  You could also just use stickles.  Let it dry and use it on your LO or card or altered project!
 Here are some others that I have finished.  I tried different punches and sizes of layers to see what I liked best, so these are all a tad bit different in design.  I also use clear glitter on these rather than diamond dust.
Thank you for looking and I hope you enjoyed the tutorial!!

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Vicky Alberto said...

These are so awesome, gotta give that a try - perfect for Spring lo's. TFS!