Monday, September 13, 2010

Retro Rose

The third of my flowers that I made and used on my "Be True" layout is what I have named the Retro Rose.

I used the Paper Shaper Retro Flower punches, Whale of a Punch and Medium punch.  Punch out 3 large and 3-4 medium.  (3 medium if you want to use a pearl in the center or 4 if you want to use a punched flower for the center).  You can ink the edges if you want.

1.  On the 3 large flower layers, you need to double-roll each petal backwards.  To do this, roll one side of the petal back, then roll the other side and part of the first roll.  Then kind of pull up on the first roll so you can see the detail better rather than a pointy tip. 

2.  Place them front side up on the backside of a mousepad and press with a stylus or something round at the base of the petals to draw them up.

3.  On 3 small ones, roll the petals backwards.  On 2 of them, I roll the petals at an angle so they will better squish into the center of the flower.

                    If you are making a bud with the 4th one, round the petals around a skewer, then pinch            together to keep it closed into a bud.  Snip off the bottom so it won't be so tall.

Here are the layers (no bud since I think it looks better with a pearl)

4.  Layer and glue the small petals first, alternating the petals as you go.  When you glue each one, press down into mousepad to draw the petals up and together.  Glue the bud or pearl in and press down for the petals to draw up around it.

     Then, layer and glue the large flowers.  Finally, glue the small flower into the large layers. 

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Beautiful. Thanks