Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tattered Rose Tutorial

This rose tutorial is my take on the new Prima Roses of Spain Anais collection.

         * Tim Holtz Tattered florals die - 2 of the largest flower, 1 medium flower, and 3 small.  If I put a pre-made rose in the center, I skip the 3 small layers and add a 2nd medium layer.
         * Glue, Scissors, Mousepad, Embossing stylus, water spritzer, small skewer

For the tutorial, I spritzed my flowers with glimmer mist before I assembled.  You could also wait until you were done or leave them without any.

Step 1: 2 largest flowers, cut about 1/8" into the center between each petal.  Spritz lightly with water, then using an embossing stylus & mousepad, gently crinkle the backside of petals near the tip.
 Step 2: Flip the flower over and on the frontside, press down into the center of each petal.

 Step 3: Shorten the petals.  There are 2 ways to do this.  The first is what I call a "fan fold".  I place some quick dry glue at the base of each petal (where you cut the 1/8" between the petals), then I fold the fold into the center, then back out.  Below are 2 pictures of this showing the what the front and back will look like when you are finished.

 OR...you can cut each of the petals off from the layer, then gently cup the base that is left from the layer, then glue the petals back on it.
 Steps 4, 5, 6: (sorry, but I didn't take individual pics of these steps).  The medium flower layer, you will shape just like the largest layer, except don't do the fan fold.  So on the backside, emboss around the tip of each petal, flip over and press into the center of each petal and the base of the flower.

1st small flower, following Lisa Gregory's style, curl in one side of each petal, add a bit of glue to the curled edge, then fold the petals up and roll between your fingers to create the center bud.

2nd small flower, Curl one side of each petal in, add a bit of glue to the base of each petal on the inside and glue the 1st small flower into this one, folding the petals of the 2nd flower around the bud.  Then, take your tweezers and gently curl back the outer edge of the petals (see pic).

3rd small flower, Curl each petal back at an angle.  Glue the bud into this.

This is what each layer will look like when you have finished.  The top left flower is the fan fold technique, the top right is where I cut the petals off and then reattached.
 Layer and glue all the flowers together.  Once glued, shape the petals, gently folding back the tips of the largest ones.

I apologize for the bad pictures.  I will try to re-do them and get better ones to replace these.

Thanks for looking and have a great day!


MommaSaid said...

I REALLY want to try to create some of these!

Kay said...

What pretty flowers!!! I have that die! I'll have to try these...they came out lovely!

francie said...

Your flowers are as nice as I have ever seen. Thanks for the tutorial. I really enjoyed your blog and will visit again. Naturally, I did not have time to look at all the links that have been provided, but will examine them bit-by-bit, as I am able. You are very creative and I thoroughly enjoyed viewing your gallery at sc.com
Have a great week. Fran (Quick Silver)