Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Nesting Petals Tutorial

Today, I'm sharing with you another tutorial for a flower I have created. 

Here is the flower you will be creating.

Supplies Needed:
*Embossing Stylus, skewer
*Embossing pad(s)
*Water spritzer
*Tattered Florals Die - 3 spindly layers, 2 medium layers, and 3 small layers

Take the 3 spindly flowers. Flip your layer over on the embossing pad (mousepad) and using the stylus (or a small paintbrush or skewer), emboss 3 lines down each petal of all three layers.  This is all you need to do on your bottom layer.  On the other 2 layers, using the skewer or paintbrush, roll each petal under.  Then lay them on the embossing pad and press down into the center of the layer in a circular motion to draw the petals up.
 For the 2 medium and 3 small layers, spritz with water one at a time.  Lay on your embossing pad and using the stylus, gently press each petal starting at the edges and working inward to curl up the petals.  Each layer, you will curl up a little tighter than the one before.

Assemble the layers starting with the flat spindly layer on bottom and working your way up alternating the petals as you go.  Place a bead or pearls in the very center of the smallest layer. 

You can add some stickles or diamond dust to the petals on the spindly layers to add some sparkle!
This is a pretty easy tutorial and flower. 

Stay tuned throughout the week for more flower tutorials!  I have 4 more to go and more to make!!!  I'll even be sharing with you my tutorial on making my delicate 1" mini roses and 1.5" delicate roses!!

If you feel that this flower resembles one you have created a tutorial for or know of a tutorial for, please let me know so that I can review that tutorial and talk with the creator.  I do not want to step on anyone's toes and will gladly pull my tutorial down if need be!!

Thanks for looking!

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