Friday, September 24, 2010

5 Petal Daisy Tutorial

I'd like to share another flower tutorial with you that I used on my layout Be Free Be You.  I do have one slight problem with these tutorials that I've been making and it is that I have no clue what to name these flowers that I come up with.  So...if any of you have a better name, please feel free to share it with me, and if I like it, I'll use it!  Thanks so much!

For this latest flower, I used my 3 daisy punches.  2 of the extra large, which are about 3", 2 of the whale of a punch, which are about 2", and 1 medium which is 1".  I also used a Punch Bunch punch for the stamens.

Supplies:  Glue
Daisy punches - 2-3", 2-2", and 1-1"
stamen punch, thick thread, or tiny strips of paper
small paintbrush or skewer

1.  On all flowers, snip between two petals halfway into the center, then overlap those two petals and glue them together to make 5 petal flowers.

2.  I make the center flower (1") with the stamens first so it has time to dry while making the other.
*I use three punched stamens in mine.  If you don't have a punch, you can just cut some small pieces of paper or you can use thick pieces of thread and tie a knot in one end.

*  Put a glob of clear drying glue (I like Aleene's quick dry tacky glue) in the center of the smallest flower, then stick the stamens into it (if using thread, stick the un-knotted end into the glue).  Then put a pearl in the middle of the stamens.  Set this aside to dry.

3.  The 2 largest, smoosh the bottoms a bit so the flower will sit flat.

4.  Then, on the 2 largest, using the small paintbrush, curl each petal backwards.  On the 2" (middle size) flowers, you can do them 3 different ways.
  • Curl the petals back on the layer that will go on bottom and leave the petals straight on the top flower (flower to the far right in the bottom pic)
  • Leave both of them straight (middle flower in the bottom pic)
  • Leave the bottom flower petals straight and curl back the petals on the top flower (flower to the far left in the bottom pic)
In my example, I left the bottom layer flower (brown) straight and curled back the petals on the top flower layer (green).

5.  Layer & glue the layers alternating the petals

6.  Take your small center flower with the stamens and pearl and glue it into this flower.

Completed flowers

Monday, September 13, 2010

Retro Rose

The third of my flowers that I made and used on my "Be True" layout is what I have named the Retro Rose.

I used the Paper Shaper Retro Flower punches, Whale of a Punch and Medium punch.  Punch out 3 large and 3-4 medium.  (3 medium if you want to use a pearl in the center or 4 if you want to use a punched flower for the center).  You can ink the edges if you want.

1.  On the 3 large flower layers, you need to double-roll each petal backwards.  To do this, roll one side of the petal back, then roll the other side and part of the first roll.  Then kind of pull up on the first roll so you can see the detail better rather than a pointy tip. 

2.  Place them front side up on the backside of a mousepad and press with a stylus or something round at the base of the petals to draw them up.

3.  On 3 small ones, roll the petals backwards.  On 2 of them, I roll the petals at an angle so they will better squish into the center of the flower.

                    If you are making a bud with the 4th one, round the petals around a skewer, then pinch            together to keep it closed into a bud.  Snip off the bottom so it won't be so tall.

Here are the layers (no bud since I think it looks better with a pearl)

4.  Layer and glue the small petals first, alternating the petals as you go.  When you glue each one, press down into mousepad to draw the petals up and together.  Glue the bud or pearl in and press down for the petals to draw up around it.

     Then, layer and glue the large flowers.  Finally, glue the small flower into the large layers. 

Daisy Crinkle

The 2nd flower that I made on my "Be True" layout, I have named the Daisy Crinkle.

I used the daisy punches by Ek Success in extra large and the whale of a punch and also the Fiskars 1" flower punch.  I punched out 2 of each size.

1.  Spritz lightly with water or glimmer mist. 

2.  Using a mousepad and an embossing stylus, crinkle each petal starting at the tip of the petal and working down along the edge to the base of the petal.  All you have to do is press into the petal on the sides.

3.  After you do the edges of the petal, then press at a 45 degree angle into the center of the petal to draw one side inward more & create a crease in the middle of the petal (step 3 and 4 are done on the backside of the flower).

4.  Then, flip the flower over on the mousepad.  Using the stylus, press at the base of each petal to draw the petals up.  (this is the frontside of the flower)

5.  Heat the flower to dry it with your heat gun.  This will cause it to stiffen a bit and retain its shape.

Do this for all the flowers.  Here is what they should look like when finished.

6.  Layer and glue, alternating the petals as you go.  Place a small pearl in the center of the flower and you are done.

My 12 year old daughter did the top two flowers, so again, this is not a difficult flower to make.

Twisted Tattered Florals Tutorial

OK, as seen on my "Be True" layout, here is the first of three flowers that I made.

I used the Tim Holtz Tattered Florals die and cut out 2 of each of the flowers.  If the paper is not double sided, then you will want to ink the backside.  You can also ink the edges for added dimension.

Snip a little (maybe 1/4") between the petals of the 2nd to smallest flower layer.

1.  Spritz lightly both sides and crumble.  You can use water or glimmer mist, whichever you prefer.

2.  Gently undo the flowers

3.  Using Tweezers, put them on the tip of the petal slightly off center to the right, then twist completely around in a circle. Pinch to hold the shape and pull out the tweezers.

4.  On the 2nd of the large spindly flowers and the 2nd of the med. 5 petal flowers, when you twist the petals, you will also push in towards the center, so that they will be slightly smaller than the 1st of each.

5.  On the 2nd of the smallest flowers, when twisting, you will bring each petal up to a 90 degree angle, then twist and push down into the center of the flower.  Once all the petals have been done like this, you will have a bud for the center of the flower (see picture below.)

These are what they should all look like after crumbling and twisting each flower layer.  As you can see, the light pink layers in the middle are slightly smaller in size than the dark pink ones.  This is so you have all the spaces in the flower filled out.

6.  Now, layer and glue the flowers alternating the petals as you go.  Make sure that the ones where you pushed the petals in go on top of the matching flower that you just twisted.  (the light pink ones will always go after the dark pink ones in this picture).

Here is what the flower should look like after you have glued it.  My 12 year old daughter did the bottom pink and green flower, so they really are not hard to do at all. 

Be True

I created the following layout for the DIY (Do-it yourself) monthly challenge.  I included all three twists that Wendy included for the challenge, plus the optional twist of my very own tutorial.  OK...I went a bit overboard (like that's surprising) and I actually created 3 new flowers and 3 new tutorials that are all included in this LO.  As most of you know, I love making flowers, so I'm thinking of changing my name to flower junkie!  LOL 

I took my daughter, Shelby, and my son, Elias outside to take some pictures last weekend!  It was so cute how 3 yr old Elias wanted to pose just like his big sister!  I got some great shots of both of them!

The paper is Bo Bunny Petal Pushers.  I think Bo Bunny is very quickly becoming my favorite paper company!  I love their designs and their versatility!

The first tutorial in the DIY challenge was the masking tape tutorial by Lisa Valentine.  I did mine using blue paper and tumbled glass distress ink.  I didn't care for it nearly as much as the way Lisa did hers in the tutorial, but I wanted to try something different.  The 2nd tutorial twist was the Dried Satin Rose by Kenlin.  I used organza ribbon, so I wasn't able to make my rose very big, but it worked just the same.  The third tutorial twist was the Water Distressed Bloom by Gabrielle .  This flower is on the bottom left corner to the right of the large twisted flower.

Now, for my three flowers.  The first is the Twisted Tattered Floral.  It is the flower in the bottom left corner of the picture.  The 2nd is the Daisy Crinkle which is on both the bottom right and top left corners.  The third flower is the Retro Rose, which is on the top right corner. 

I made the pink and white bling myself and attached it with Aleene's Tack it over and over glue.  The white flourishes were cut on my BigKick and then stickled with frosted lace.  The title letters I believe are by making memories, I picked them up on clearance at Hobby Lobby a while back.  I named this "Be True" because Shelby is always true to herself, true to her convictions and her feelings!  She doesn't do what others want her to do just because they want her to do it, she is her own unique person and she is a lovely person!