Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Poinsettia Tutorial


Flower: Paper Shapers 3" & 2" daisy punches, glue, clear or red stickles, cranberry color wash (or some other dark red mist or ink), scissors, embossing mat (mouse pad), stylus, paintbrushes - one really fine for detail, white mini pearls, snow-tex or liquid applique, red cardstock.

Leaves: Sizzix holly & berries die, forest moss distress ink & blending tool, green cardstock.

1. Punch 2 - 3" and 1 - 2" daisy shapes.  Using scissors, start at the point of each petal & cut a curved piece out.  After cutting all of them, I flip one of the 3" over, so the petals are going the opposite way.

2. Using the fine paintbrush & the cranberry color wash or other dark red liquid/ink, draw veins down the center of each petal.  You can also use a dark red fine-tipped marker or even a black marker if you have no reds.

3.  Shape each petal by bringing up the sides a bit (just put your finger in the center of the petal and bend the sides of the petal around it).  Pinch the tip together and bend slightly to the side.

Better view of the shaped petals.

4.  Layer and glue.  The large 3" that you flipped over, put in the middle so the petals are going the opposite way.

5.  Put some red or clear stickles on each petal.  I liked the red better.  In order not to over due the stickles though, I put a small dot  on each petal, then spread it around with a paint brush for just a light coating of stickles.

6.  Using clear glue, add your small pearls to the center of the flower.

After stickling, you may need to reshape your petals a little by pinching the tips of the petals and bending.

7.  Add your snow-tex or liquid applique to the tips and/or sides of the petals.  I used liquid applique on this one.

If using liquid applique, be sure and let it dry before heating it to make it puff.

Tip: wait until the stickles (or ink on the leaves) is dry before adding the snow-tex/liquid applique...otherwise, the color bleeds through and you no longer have white "snow". 

1. Using the sizzix die, cut out 3 leaves. 
2.  Emboss a line down the center with veins. 
3.  Flip them over, then ink lightly with forest moss distress ink to make the veins pop out.
4.  Bend and shape your leaves slightly.
5.  Glue onto the back of your poinsettia.
*You can also add some snow-tex or liquid applique to the leaves, but be sure and wait until the ink dries or the snow will turn yellow....and no one wants yellow snow on their leaves :)

Finished flowers with white pearls in the center and red stickles on the petals.  These are my favorite.

Side view of poinsettia. 

These were the first ones I made.  As you can probably see, I didn't wait for the stickles/ink to dry, so my snow isn't very pretty.  I also colored my pearls butterscotch with alcohol ink and used clear stickles on the petals.

I prefer the flowers with the red stickles and white pearls myself. 

Thanks so much for stopping by!  I hope you enjoy making these!!!



laceyKat said...

Great tut!!! Very easy and clear directions to follow. Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful poinsettias!!

Kay said...

How pretty & creative is this! Loved the idea--I think I even have those punches in my stash...time to dust them off eh! :-) Thanks for sharing...

Just Jaime said...

Great tutorial! The poinsettias are so pretty!

LISA said...

Gorgeous!!! Wonderful tutorial!! Very easy to follow!!

Whitney said...

Thanks for this tutorial!! These are gorgeous!!!!!

jeb said...

Love this poinsettia. Thank you very much.