Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Morning Dew Flower Tutorial

Good morning!  Today I have another flower tutorial for you.  Some friends of mine helped me name this flower "Morning Dew"
Supplies needed:
Tim Holtz Tattered floral Die - 2 Large layers, 2 medium layers, 1 small layer
Mini rose
Scissors & embossing tools
Embossing pads - I have two, one that is firm and another that is squishy

Take your first large layer and flip it over on the firm embossing pad.  To create the "wrinkled" petal look, I took a very fine point embossing stylus and "scratched" all over the back of each petal.  There is no rhyme or reason to the scratching, just go crazy with it, but don't poke a hole through your paper!!

Then, I took the large rounded end of the this embossing stylus (can use a large paint brush) and I rubbed all over the petals, making sure to get the edges too.  The more you rub, the better your "wrinkles" are going to be.

Repeat this on the other large layer as well.  On the 2 medium layers, cut between each petal, then also do this to them.

Take each of the above layers and roll back the petals on each one.  Then place on your embossing bad and rub in the middle to pull the petals up a bit. 

On your smallest layer, place it on your embossing pad and starting at the outer edges of each petal working inward, use your embossing stylus to crinkle and pull up the petals.

Assemble your flower by gluing the layers together making sure to alternate the petals.  Place your mini rose inside the smallest flower.

As always, I like to add a little glitter or diamond dust to the tips of the petals. On this one I added diamond dust.  It's better to sprinkle the diamond dust on your glue rather than dip your flower, because a little bit goes a long way.

Thank you so much for stopping by!  I hope you find this tutorial useful!
As always, if you feel my flower or tutorial is a duplicate of yours or someone you know, please let me know!  I will look into it and pull my tutorial if I find that to be the case!

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Susan M said...

Thanks for this tutorial , I have this die but didn't really know how to make full use of it , now I can try these beautiful flowers. Your blog is a real place of inspiration and I will vote for you in the Heartfelt Creations semi finals.