Saturday, February 5, 2011

More flowers for an order from a wonderful friend.

I just wanted to show off the flowers I made for a friend. 

She wanted some red and green roses 1" and 2" for her Christmas layouts.
 Some blue roses, 1" and 2", for the winter/Christmas layouts.

 These were fun...some flowers for her Red Hat club...she gets to do all the layouts!  How exciting!

 Then, she added to her order for some St. Patrick's Day roses, 2".

I hope she loves all her flowers!

Thanks for taking a peek!


Anonymous said...

These are just as beautiful as I had imagined and hoped for.

I love, love each set and cannot wait to use them on my LO's

Thank you dear friend!

Anonymous said...

What beautiful flowers! I'm amazed!

MommaSaid said...

These are amazing! Some appear to be glassy.

hilde janbroers said...

gorgeous!!! I'm going to follow your blog now...