Monday, May 3, 2010

What's the Point?

So...I've been bugging my friends over at for a while now, wondering why am I wasting my time and money on this hobby when there doesn't seem to be a single person who gives a darn???  They all have come back with some really wonderful responses...but that negativity bug would just not get out of my rear!  HAHA

On NSBD, over at, the all day challenge was to create a LO about why we scrapbook.  OK...hello...didn't I just say I don't know WHY I do it...and now I have to tell someone why????  Oh...but the minute I read the challenge rules...the idea popped into my head and I just knew what the finished product would be before I even printed my first pic!  The hardest part of this LO was seriously...picking out which pack of PP to use and figuring out how to get more than one piece on this LO.  I love PP...seems like it should be an 11th commandment...thou shalt not use just one piece of PP on a LO.  LOL 

Here it is.


I've sometimes wondered why I even bother to scrapbook. It doesn't ever seem like anyone cares. No one looks at my books unless I push it on them, and no one asks me how I'm doing with it. But once I really started to think about it, I was able to come up with several reasons, and I'm sure if I thought a little more, I'd be able to think of several others.

For Others - I've created several layouts to give as gifts for Christmas and other occasions. The latest one that I did as a gift earned me 3 commissions to create layouts for others.

For Memories - Without the pictures and without the journaling, some memories would be lost forever. I know when my children are grown and I'm all alone, I will look through these albums and laugh and cry over all the memories I've been able to capture.

For Myself - I love this hobby. I love the creativeness I exhibit in each layout that I make. I also have used this hobby as therapy to explain my feelings and thoughts.

For my Children - Right now, they don't show much interest, but I truly hope that someday when they are older, they will appreciate the love and work that I put into each page of them.

For shopping - I love to shop, and what better reason is there than a hobby that requires you to constantly be replenishing your supply. It is almost a challenge in itself for me to search and search for the best deals that I can find on the products that I wish to buy.
The LO certainly lacks my usual clusters and oodles and gobs of embellies...but come on...with that much journaling...where was I going to put that stuff!!!  I was very blessed by the wonderful comments that I received from my fellow neighbors...they sure know how to make a gal feel good!!!


Nancy aka Homesclscrapper said...

great journaling. glad you finally found out why you are doing this. and what great reasons they are.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic job! I love all the pics and the journaling is great!

Darlene Servolini said...

LOL to your 11th commandment!!! How cute is this!

Ladybing said...

I am so glad you found your reasons to scrapbook Stehanie! And I love the layout you made of mini layouts!