Sunday, May 23, 2010

Is it really a small store?

Sooo...I just recently reorganized my scrap space to incorporate the new storage finds that I got from the Movie Gallery closing.  I got a black coated metal rolling rack with lots of different shelves and hooks and baskets that you can interchange and rearrange to fit your needs for $50 and a large 4 tier revolving rack for $10.  I didn't think I would get to use either of these until we were able to start our remodeling project and I moved my office to a different room in the house...but...don't ever tell a determined scrapper they don't have the room to do something...because I made the room!

I posted all these pics over at, and I have been informed by more than one that I have a small store...and seriously, I just don't think I have very much!  Of course, when I look at other's supplies, I only look at those that have more...I have to justify my buying you know! 

This is the view of the left side of my room when you walk in the door.  I have my sewing & sizzix desk.  Hubby hung a shelf above so I could put my Advantus paper storage up there.  This holds both my PP and CS.  On the desk is my computer of course, a black laser printer and an Epson photo printer and my Silhouette.  On the top of my desk are my in-progress albums.  I currently have 9.  The rest of the stuff on my desk is just for bookkeeping.

This is the right side of my room when viewed from the doorway.  The black rolling rack against the back wall is what I got at the Movie Gallery closing for $50.  I can roll it against the wall when I'm not scrapping to keep the room looking nice and just pull it out when I need to.  Its came with several shelves, baskets, and hooks.  Then you have my 12 X 12 storage drawers mostly bought from Walmart.  My desk and my spinning rack I also got from the Movie Gallery for $10.

This is just a closer view of my scrap space.  My desk I got from my kid's old school.  It was a computer desk and they had gotten new ones, so at the fundraising yard sale they tried to sell them.  When the sale was almost over, the principal said everything would be half price, I asked her if the tables were also.  She asked me what I wanted to give and I said $10 (originally $25) and she agreed.  I snatched up two before the other workers grabbed the other 8.  I had no idea at the time what I would use them for, but one has turned out to be the perfect scrap desk! 

Here's a close up of my rolling cart.  I have all my glimmer mist lined up across the top shelf for easy access.  Then I have all my border punches on one shelf, all my shape punches on the next.  All my glue dots and liquid glue in a basket, my Pebbles chalk sets, Big Bite, and M.S. circle cutter in another basket.  I have my Memento & Colorbox ink & applicators in a basket.  My scrap pieces of paper is in the bottom basket seperated by color in ziploc bags.  The colored plastic boxes have chipboard or paper diecuts in them seperated by theme.

This is one end of the cart.  I couldn't put anything on the other end b/c then it wouldn't fit into the space against the wall.  I have my new sizzix dies hanging, but not sure if they will stay this way...I haven't used them yet.  The white and black binders are my clear stamps, and the pink binder is my sketches and other notes.  The other basket is just 6 X 6 paper pads and mat pads.

This is the backside of my cart.  It has about 8 shelves on it that need to be filled up.  Across the top is my paints, mostly just the cheap ones from Walmart.  I also have my Distress crackle paint up here, which I still am not sure whether I want to keep or not.

These are my 12 X 12 drawers that hold a variety of things.  There are several drawers for flowers seperated by color along with the brads and eyelets of that same color.  I have a couple of drawers for Christmas paper.  A few drawers are embellishments seperated by theme - baby/boy/girl/birthday.  The shoebox on top is my ribbon I haven't yet organized.  Going to put it in jars by color and put it on the back of my rolling cart.

The left side of my desk.  I took a 39 drawer unit and spray painted it, then lined the front of the drawers with BG CS.  I seperated all my chipboard letters and put them in here.  My stickles hang by velco on a piece of plexiglass.  I don't keep them upside down anymore b/c I found that the stickles were drying in the tip and it was hard to get it unclogged.  The ink pad shelf my wonderful dad made for me.  I labeled all my ink pads and then organized them by brand.  I am 3 short of the entire collection of Distress ink pads.  I love the sign on top, it says "Creation is God's artwork....Love is His signature!  I will hang this as soon as hubby gets me some nails.

Right side of my desk.  The pen/pencil holder is a spinning spice rack I got at Walmart for just a couple of dollars.  I took clear plastic cups, cut off the tops (to fit more) and hot glued the bottoms of the cups to the top shelf.  I then seperated my pens, pencils, and paintbrushes into the cups.  On the bottom are my buttons (not many) in little clear holders.  The pegboard is a little empty right now, will probably be buying some more of these shelves to put on here. 

And last but not least is my $10 steal!  It has 4 tiers, each tier having 6 hooks, 3 on each side, and each tier spins independently of the others.  I have packaged embellies seperated by theme - boy/girl/birthday/baby.  I also have all my Prima flowers in their own little section. 

So - there you have it!  My humble scrap space as I like to think of it or my small store as others have accused me!  I will be happy when I'm in a room that I don't have to share with a staircase...but at least I get to have a space of my own and I get to have all these wonderful goodies!  Thanks for looking!


Anonymous said...

I am so jealous!! I have a tiny corner of my bedroom that I use as my craft space. My table is 2 tv trays with a piece of wood on top. I love your space!!

Alison Richardson said...

I wish i had more space to organise my things too. Then i would be able to find the stuff i need straight away, this is an awesome scrap space :)

JellyBeansDesign said...

I think that everyone says you have a small store because all of your storage looks like stuff at a store...