Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Handmade Flowers

So, last week, I went on vacation and cut bunches and bunches of flower layers to take with me to assemble flowers.  Well, then I saw a Michaels (don't have one near me) and I stopped and bought a bunch of pretty paint colors.  So, instead of assembling flowers in my free time on vacation, I ended up painting the flower layers.  I've been trying some new tutorials on making flowers - no, none of them are my own creation - and I wanted to share with you what I've come up with so far.  I found several videos on you tube that I will share also.   The far right flower on the top I don't have an individual picture of, but this is the flower that got me hooked on making all the other flowers.  The tutorial is by Laura at Follow the Paper Trail.

Below, the farthest left flower is called a Belle Arte Auarius and the link will take you to the you tube video.  The other 2 flowers are the paper roses that you can find tutorials for all over, but all three of these flowers have diamond dust on them.
In the next picture, are some paper roses and a Camelot Rose (top middle).  All of these I just sprinkled regular glitter on.

In the next picture is a paper rose that I brushed pearl ex pigment powder on.  Gives it a pretty shimmer.

In the next picture, I painted the completed flower with a pearl effect glaze.  The top flower was kind of following a youtube tutorial you can find here.   It's nothing like the tutorial really, but that is what gave me the idea.  The bottom is just my own creation, putting a paper rose on top of a couple of flower layers.  I love the pearl paint though, think it gives it a pretty look.

In the last picture, these are my expirements using a Melt Art melting pot, UTEE pearl, and some Pearl Ex powder.  I love the idea of using this stuff, but I definitely don't have the "trick" learned yet.  These are both just paper roses that when finished I dipped into the melted UTEE.  I did realize that you should dip before the flower is finished, but even individual layers came out too thick, so will have to watch some videos to learn more.

So, there you have it, all my latest flower creations, and I will be making more and more!  These are so much fun!  I am going to be selling some at my Etsy store eventually.


Scrap Vamp said...

These are all very pretty! Thanks for sharing!

Ekip2 said...

Wow! These are all so very lovely! I'm going to watch the videos you nicely linked - Awesome! TFS