Friday, April 26, 2013

Fiesta Flower Tutorial

This is the tutorial for the fiesta flower.  I made it several years ago, but tweaked it last weekend.  I know when this flower was introduced by Prima, there were several tutorials made from different people to copy the style.  Please, if my tutorial and/or flower resembles someone elses, let me know.  If necessary, I will pull mine off the internet.
Supplies needed:
Tim Holtz Tattered Floral Die - 3 large layers, 1 medium layer, 2 small layers
Punch Bunch sprig punch - 6 punch outs (or anything that'll resemble a sprig)
Embossing pads & stylus
Paint brush (or something round to curl petals)
Water spritzer
Tip: If the backside is plain white, you may want to ink or spray the back with glimmer mist because it is going to show on the finished flower.

I like to "texture" all my petals before beginning. To do this, lay each one upside down on an embossing pad and "scratch" all over with a fine tip stylus.  Then, using a large tip stylus, rub all over the petal for a wrinkly look.

Or...another great way is following this technique by Charlotte Ravn. Spray generously with water.  Wrap the petal around something smooth (paintbrush), hold the petal in place and pinch the edges toward the center. Pull out the paintbrush and allow to dry.  This creates a great wrinkled look! careful when pinch the edges...inevitably, I always end up tearing them, so I don't use this often even though I love the look.

Once they are dry again (can speed this up with a heat gun), using the paintbrush or skew, roll each petal inward.  The bottom layer will just be rolled a little bit, the next layer up a little more, and so on.

Once I have rolled them, I like to gently pull it out, so it isn't rolled tightly. The outer petals should semi overlap the petals of the next layer.

On the smallest layer, rather than roll, I like to place it on the embossing pad and using the stylus, start at the outer edges and rub in a circular motion towards the base of each petal to get it to cup and curl in.

Assemble your flower, making sure to alternate the petals on each layer.  Once they are all together, glue the tips of your sprigs and place them in the center.  Finish by adding a jewel or pearl on top of the sprigs.

As usual, I love to add some sparkle to my flowers.  I place some glue along just the edges of the petals and sprinkled some diamond dust on them.  I prefer to sprinkle rather than dip, because when you dip a flower in diamond dust you get way too much!  That stuff is SHARP!!!  I have actually cut my finger when I got stuck with a piece of it trying to wipe off the excess when I dipped the flower.  I have learned! LOL


I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!  Thanks for stopping by!!!

Tomorrow will be my tutorial for my 1" Mini Delicate Rose!!! It's finally here!!!

Have a great day!

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Svjetlana said...

Very pretty, love your idea for the center.