Thursday, October 21, 2010

My first photo shoot

Paul, me and the kids headed down to the lake this afternoon to try my hand at taking our own family photos.  Today was a learning day...I learned do not go when the 3 year old needs a nap, do not go when the sun is setting, and do not go when it is windy, LOL.   But...despite all that, I did get to capture quite a few good shots.  Thanks for taking a look!

My hair was wacky crazy in the following one!  Definitely need to re-do a family pic!

 This family one would've been pretty good had I stood straight and if Elias would've kept his eyes open!
 I would love to be this skinny!

 This is my most favorite shot of Shelby!  The pose is good, the background is good, and her smile is beautiful!
 I do not like my bangs being blown back from my forehead...but I love the idea of this shot with just me and Shelby.

 Well, despite Elias' crankiness, I was able to sneak in a couple of good shots of him!
 and of course a silly one!

 This shot made me feel really good.  I had Shelby posing against the tree and Dakota just ran up on the other side to pose with her!  Usually these two can't get along for nothing, so I was thrilled to see them willing to pose together!
 Shelby refused to leave until I let her take a pic of just me!  (I'll delete it later LOL)
 Yes, of course...I made them climb a tree for the perfect shot!
 Dakota had to help Shelby up...but he was going to leave her there rather than help her down. LOL

I love this picture of the guys. 
 I like this one of me, because you can't really see

I was really thrilled with how well Shelby and Dakota got into posing!  Every time I looked at Dakota...he was striking a new pose!  I hope to get another chance to go out and take some more without all the shadows, but for my first photo shoot, I'm pretty happy!! 

Have a great day!!


Lissa said...

you have a beautiful family!

Anonymous said...

I have BEAUTIFUL GRANDKIDS.....well, the daughter isnt too bad either, oh alright, my son in law is a looker.....well, shoot, WHAT A BEAUTIFUL FAMILY!!!!


MommaSaid said...

Okay, *I* think you have:

1) ...a beautiful family. These are great photos and I really hope to see many of them in LO form eventually. Speaking as a sister that didn't get along with her brother until we were both in our 20's, you were blessed with some outstanding photos -- rare treats, indeed!

2)...a beautiful shape and a stunning face. Stop trying to hide it or point out what you don't like about yourself in the photos! You may not realize the truth, but there are soooo many women who do wish they had your shape or your hair or your sense of fabulous plaid! Of course, I wish they'd all realize how beautiful they are, too, but that's a blog for another day.

Anonymous said...

yeah...what she said!!! SMILESSSSSSS Momma.....these are BEAUTIFUL pics of all of u!!! I love them!!

Anonymous said...

Couldn't get here tp post last week when I was by to check out your newest family photos. I love the shots with the trees the best. I have a thing about trees being in photos with people. I also love, love the ones of you & dd.

Christy B said...

WooHoo...what AWESOME pictures you took! What a fun the one of the boys walking away from you on the sand...they're all fabulous!