Sunday, October 24, 2010

Picture Effects

Good morning!  I was playing around with my Adobe Photoshop Elements and the new pics I just took to see what kind of cool effects I could put on them for display on our family room wall.  I found that my program will do some really cool things. 

This was one of my favorites that I just happened to capture without them even realizing I was taking a picture.  I cropped in the original and then changed it to black and white scenic landscape. I printed this as an 8 X 10 for the wall.
 Thanks to the suggestion of a friend of mine, Jill, I cropped in on the picture of Dakota in the tree and then changed it to black and white.  I will be making several 4 X 6 to put in a collage frame I got for Christmas several years ago and have never used.  This is the perfect time to fill it up and hang it on the wall!
 I thought this one turned out really cool.  I chose colorful center first as an effect, which makes the top and bottom a black and white scale and leaves the center colorful.  Then, I did color burn, which just darkened the natural colors of the pic.  I loved how it turned out and printed it as an 8 x 10 for the wall.
 Of course, had to use my favorite picture of Shelby for an 8 X 10 for the wall.  On this one, I chose sun faded photo as the effect and really loved the printed effect!  It is a beautiful picture!
Now...I just have to get them framed and put on the wall!  That'll probably only take me a month!  LOL

Thanks for looking and have a great day!


Diana Joy said...

I really like the effects you got on your pictures. I have PSE8 and it scares me. I need to play with it; learn it. tfs.

MommaSaid said...

Excellent work! Too often, I forget to try and play with my photos.